About Us

Welcome to TXVA@SW's Electronic Course Pilot (eCP) Program.

Senate Bill 1108, passed by the 78th Legislature, calls for the Commissioner of Education to "... establish a program to examine state policies, requirements, or restrictions impacting school districts that offer students enrolled in the district an electronic education program or course that includes use of the Internet or other electronic media in which the student and a teacher are in different locations for a majority of the student's instructional period."

Through the Electronic Course Pilot Program (eCP), the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will gather data to develop and support recommendations that enable high-quality online learning and identify appropriate state funding mechanisms for these courses and instructional programs.

TXVA@SW was selected as one of five districts or open-enrollment charter schools to participate in the eCP. TXVA@SW is approved by TEA to serve a maximum of 2500 students in grades 3-10. Participating districts may earn state funding for Grades 3-12 students enrolled in the eCP; therefore, students who are eligible to participate in the program are not required to pay tuition for eCP courses. (No student is eligible to generate more than the equivalent of one full Average Daily Attendance (ADA).

The TXVA@SW meets eCP requirements through the Texas Virtual Academy@Southwest (TXVA), our online component. TXVA provides tuition-free access to the K¹² curriculum for up to 2500 students in grades 3-10.

Student Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the eCP, a student must:

  • Reside in Texas
  • Be enrolled in Grades 3-10 in a Texas public school or open-enrollment charter school participating in the eCP
  • Reside within the school district boundaries or the existing boundaries of the charter school geographic service area in which they are enrolled, unless there is a written agreement between the eCP participant and the studentís home district (independent school district of residence)

To participate in the eCP, a student must not:

  • Be enrolled in more than one school district or charter school
  • Already earn full state funding based on attendance in a traditional school setting
  • Be a private school student
  • Participate in dual enrollment with a college or university

Students may participate in a combination of regular program and eCP classes if the school district or charter school the student is enrolled in is the same school district or charter school that is participating in the eCP. Grades 3-10 students must be enrolled full time.

Note: Students participating in the eCP must take the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) statewide student assessment (or TAKS Alt., TAKS-M, TAKS-Accommodated, RPTE, or TAAS as appropriate) according to the standard administration schedule.