Information for Parents and Guardians

TXVA@SW parents are expected to interact with teachers on a regular basis during:

  • Monthly progress meetings
  • Parent/teacher workshops
  • Teacher-guided outings
  • Web-based classroom tutoring and office hour sessions

Parent Meetings and Training Sessions

The parent meeting locations will vary. Location sites will be announced on the website and sent by e-mail to all new and interested families.

Parents play the leading role in day-to-day lesson discussion and time management. To support parents in their role, training includes technology skills to connect the peripherals, to navigate the operating system, and to use the icons to access the Online School lessons. Training also acquaints students and parents with online resources such as progress monitoring tools, attendance reporting, and communication resources. During the training sessions, parents will be provided with Help Desk resources and online technical assistance.

Parents will also be taught how to integrate technology using online/offline resources. These particular skills will be addressed because using e-mail daily is essential to establishing and maintaining communication among all partners.