Virtual School Staff

Note: Daily contact between student and teacher is required for each instructional day of the studentís instructional calendar. Students may be required to attend online classes to implement their individual learning plan.

Here is a list of TXVA@SW's eCP staff members and their major duties.

Dr. David Fuller, Head of School

  • Oversees all aspects of the eCP
  • Responsible for compliance with state and federal reporting requirements
  • Develops program policies and procedures
  • Oversees business operations of the eCP
  • Supervises the operations administrator and the academic administrator
  • Serves as the eCP liaison with TXVA@SW, the TEA and K¹²

Bennie Anderson, Operations Administrator

  • Oversees operational aspects of the eCP
  • Oversees the enrollment and student records
  • Oversees withdrawal process
  • Processes withdrawals
  • Supervises administrative staff
  • Oversees testing logistics and state reporting

Leslie Smith, Academic Administrator

  • Supervises instructional staff
  • Develops policies regarding instruction
  • Oversees test preparation
  • Develops policies regarding role of the teacher and student placement
  • Oversees curriculum alignment and supplement instructional programs

Savannah Pettit, High School Principal

  • Supervises HS instructional staff
  • Develops policies regarding HS instruction
  • Develops policies regarding role of the HS teacher and student placement
  • Oversees HS curriculum alignment and supplement instructional programs

Chris Kaio, Special Education Coordinator

  • Oversees the Special Education program
  • Supervises special education teachers
  • Develops and disseminates "best practices" for special education in the virtual school setting
  • Oversees all special education reporting
  • Oversees the development and maintenance of all IEPs/ARDs

Seana Baughman/Angela Deschner/Jennifer Grissom, Lead Teachers

  • Act as members of the leadership team with school administrators
  • Manage/supervise and/or mentor teachers in the virtual academy
  • Support virtual academy efforts to improve student performance
  • Evaluate fellow teachers in the virtual academy, both formally and informally
  • Attend/conduct teacher professional development
  • Conduct regular teaching duties for their own classrooms

Over 40 Regular Education and Special Education Teachers

  • Serve as teachers for students in grades 3-10
  • Monitor student progress and attendance, evaluate student work, provide feedback to students, conduct tutoring and office hour sessions in online classroom, and lead regular conference calls
  • Available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm; alternate times available by scheduled appointment